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CHAMP: How does it feel to be almost 20 years deep in the game? What still excites you guys about this game?

8 BALL: It feels like a life time.

MJG: It feels like a baby lifetime, it feels like the outside of the life that we live outside of that life, it’s been another life.

CHAMP: On this album Ten Toes Down this is a new album for 2010, what is the focus we got going with this album? What is message you want to send out to people that take in the album?

8 BALL: We are just really doing 8 Ball & MJG in the year 2010. Our fans haven’t heard from us in a while and we just wanted to put together a nice strong album from 8 Ball & MJG and give the ones who love us something to ride too.

CHAMP: In terms of features on the album, you guys don’t really need any features, but do you have any features on this joint?

MJG: We got a couple of features few more than normal or a few we haven’t had in a while. We got David Banner on the joint, we got Bun-B & UGK on the track.

8BALL: David Banner produced the one Bun-B is on also. We got Banner on “Where We From”, we got a song called “I Don’t Give a Fuck”, and we got big Snoop Dogg on a song of course it’s a Bob Marley song so you already know it’s one of them. We got Young Dro, (Grand Hustle/PSC) he is actually on the single that is out right now. Soulja Boy, I can’t really think of who else but it’s a bunch of great stuff. The Bun-B song is stupid, the Snoop song is stupid and we don’t really have that many features so I really don’t know who all made it, but I know the ones that we named Bun-B, Dro, Snoop, Soulja boy all of that will be on the album.

CHAMP: On the production credits, who do we got assisting you guys with the production on this album?

8 BALL: Drumma Boy, he did the first single “Ten Toes Down” and he got a lot of nice ones on the album. He knows 8 Ball & MJG sound, style & feel real well, so we worked a lot with him. Nitti Beats got the single that’s out with Young Dro now. He did “Bring it Back”, “Moby Dick” from No Limit, Nod & B a chorus from “The Hustle.” We got a couple more people on there but it’s a lot of Drumma Boy influenced music on the album.

CHAMP: In this day and age we got artists coming out with albums where they are trying to put a visual for every joint on the album because visuals are really popping in this day and age, a lot of people want to see videos for the music that they are hearing. Is that something you guys are gearing towards with this album as well to come out with more visuals? Or is it just going to be the standard that you guys are used to?

MJG: Most of our music, we try to make it visual anyway even without the videos.

8 BALL: We are doing more visuals this trip for sure. Go to World Star Hop-Hop and check it out, we got almost 2 million views in less than 24 hours. That was the first visual and that was one of the things we wanted to do for this album, was to give people more visuals of 8Ball & MJG so that’s why “Ten Toes Down” it’s like a street single but we still did a video for it.

CHAMP: This album is going to coming out under Grand Hustle/E1. In terms of the whole Grand Hustle movement you guys are looked upon as most likely the O.G’s of the camp. At times do you get some of the other artist in the camp asking you for advice or second opinions on situations you may have been through already that they are going through?

MJG: Yeah sometimes. The treat us with the utmost respect over there so the feeling is good.

CHAMP: In terms of the next single we got coming off the album, what is the joint that people can expect next after “Ten Toes Down” and the visual for that as well?

8 BALL: “DJ Bring It Back” produced by Nitti Beats featuring Young Dro from the P.S.C that’s is the next visual people are going to see. That’s the first single from the album “Ten Toes Down” after you go look at “Ten Toes Down” real shortly.

CHAMP: Like I said at the top of interview you guys are legends in this hip hop game. At the end of the day after being in the game for so long, is there anything else you feel you need to accomplish? Or are you guys good at where you are at for the moment? Like what else could 8 Ball & MJG accomplish that they haven’t already?

MJG: Just more music, more albums, better albums, and just to continue building out legacy. This is what we love to do so it’s only more music to be made.

CHAMP: You guys know you have a fan base out here in Toronto, Canada. Is it possible we can get a show? Is there a promo show popping for this album or anything that we can expect soon?

8 BALL: Definitely man, if anybody needs to get at us Push Management, or holler at someone at Grand Hustle to get to us because we are definitely going on the road. Any of the websites we definitely moving. I don’t know if Toronto is on the schedule but we are definitely going out, I hope it is.

CHAMP: 8Ball, MJG it’s an honor to be speaking to you guys at the moment. If you could let the people know once again when the album drops.

8 BALL & MJG: April 6th 2010 it goes down.

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