Bring It Back (feat. Young Dro) [Explicit]8 Ball and MJG are genuine rap giants, and if the South were it’s own country, they would be national treasures. For starters, they were the first rap act from Memphis to go platinum and one of the first in the region to attain nationwide success. In their hometown of Memphis, TN, they have successfully accelerated the pace at which rap fans breathe, injecting their faces and trademark style into the veins of America’s heartland. The magnitude of their sound is so far reaching it has rocked the block in cities as far North as Brooklyn, NY and as far West as Compton, making artists like Mobb Deep and DJ Quick, Nelly and Ludacris not only stand up and take notice of the duo, but also become fans for life. In fact, if you ask the average rapper or the average fan, most of them will tell you the same thing: The first Southern rap records that captivated them and changed their lives forever were 8 Ball and MJG. To put it blunt, 8 Ball and MJG are THE rap group of the south.

VH1 had a Hip Hop Honors show to salute the “Dirty South.” and left out Memphis, the heart of the inspiration for rap artists around the country. The Memphis hip hop community was shocked. So were its fans. Twitter and Facebook lit up when the show ended without a mention of Memphis and its history in the industry.”

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